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Customer Testimonials

Acne Scar Treatment Kit

I held off sending in a comment for a while, I have very sensitive skin and wanted to make sure this product would still work well for me after some time had gone by. I am extremely pleased with how your home microdermabrasion kit helps smooth and level out the skin on my face. I have had to use chemo cream on my face to treat some skin cancer issues and it had left my skin extremely rough and dull. I also have a lot a acne scars and rough facial skin in general from sunlamp damage in my teens (I'm 55 now). I use the kit once a week and although I did have to "learn" how to just hold the sponge tip to my face lightly so I didn't wreck it or my skin, I am now very pleased with how it works and will continue to use it. I have hopes that in another 3 months of use, the skin on my face may start to look completely bright and smooth. Thanks also for the GREAT service your company provides, I'm a stickler for getting good service because I've owned my own business and that's how I treated my customers. Thanks a bunch!
Sherrie P. - Mukwonago, WI

A few months back, I had a operation on my leg. The scar is about one and a half feet long on my leg from my knee up.  It was very visible from 10 feet away and very deep and bright purple in color. I live in Las Vegas, so I am always wearing shorts. I looked on the net for products that will reduce the appearance of this scar.  My friend who works at a spa and performs microdermabrasion treatments told me to buy a home kit to grind down my scar. I purchased your home microdermabrasion kit 6 weeks ago and I have been using it on the scar every third day with your acne scar cream and serum.  I also purchased your stretch renew stretch mark cream at the same time and I have been putting the cream on the same scar three times a day every day.  The combination of your stretch mark cream and microdermabrasion kit really works better than I expected.  I have seen a noticeable change in appearance in just the first three weeks.  The deep purple color is gone.  The scar is flatter, lighter in color and most of the dots from the stitches are mostly gone. The scar is about 75% less noticeable and I do expect it won't be visible in the next couple of months from now.  I recommend these products to remove the appearance of your scar that you may not want other people to see.

Steve T. - Las Vegas, NV