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Taking a Closer Look at Dead Sea Salts

Nestled directly between the Middle-Eastern countries of Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is an awe-inspiring location that's attracted people from all over the world for thousands of years. Going back to biblical times, it's even believed to have housed the world's first health resort. To this day, over a million people travel to the Dead Sea each year. But why is it such a popular and highly-sought after travel destination? The secret lies in its unique sea salts that are used in beauty treatment products and techniques.

While all of Earth's oceans contain salt, the Dead Sea has an incredibly high salt content that's over eight times more than regular oceans. In addition to leaving an unusually salty taste in your mouth, this water also makes swimmers more buyout. You can literally lay on your back in the Dead Sea and let the current the current take you away without fear of drowning. Because of the high salt content, there's practically nothing that's able to grow or live inside the Dead Sea, so you don't have to worry about a shark, giant octopus or some nightmarish sea creature scooping you up.

Salts taken from the Dead Sea also have a different mineral composition than traditional sea salts. Several studies done on the Dead Sea salts have shown it to only have roughly 2-10% sodium chloride content, while regular sea salts are around made up almost entirely of sodium chloride. What does this mean exactly? Well, sodium chloride is a rather harsh ionic compound that can dry out the skin in excess amounts. However, since Dead Sea salts have an unusually low concentration, it may prove useful for treating certain skin conditions.

Dead Sea salts are used to treat a number of conditions, such as arthritis, acne, psoriasis, skin wrinkling/aging and even certain types of allergies. Once an individual is exposed to Dead Sea salts, the nutrients are absorbed through the skin where they go directly into the bloodstream. There are approximately half a dozen beneficial nutrients found in Dead Sea salt.

You can reap the benefits of Dead Sea salt in one of two ways by taking a trip out to the Middle East and taking a dip in the Dead Sea, or you can purchase and use the salts in the comfort of your own home. People have been extracting the salts from the Dead Sea for thousands of years to use as medical treatment products, and it's doubtful this activity will cease anytime soon.

If you plan on using Dead Sea salts, be sure to read the directions on how to properly apply it. Most packaged Dead Sea salts are mixed directly into creams or lotions for an easier and more convenient application. Of course there are also some that are 100% Dead Sea salts that are poured directly into a bathtub. After laying in a tub filled with these salts, you'll likely notice an improvement in your skin and how you feel. Continue the application process at least once every other day for optimal results.

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Our aromatherapy bath salts will help melt away the stresses of your busy day. Crafted with four kinds of salt, fresh essential oils and ground organic botanicals to help relax your mind, soothe your senses and nourish your skin. Not just any dead sea salt will do. We started with the purest, most mineral rich dead sea salts we could find. Then, we created a unique blend essential oils and goats milk and more. The result is a therapeutic skin care blend that is sure to provide relief from Dry Skin, Psoriasis, Eczema and detoxify the body.
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Whether your aches and pains come from working or exercising too hard or from colds and flu, our detox bath salts will soothe you into a more relaxed state of body and mind.  Step into the bath and feel the dead sea salts, epsom salts, eucalyptus and mint go to work easing your tight muscles and skin. A favorite at Spas around the world, this authentic Dead Sea Mud Mask is abundantly rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are oh-so-good for your dry, irritated skin.  It helps revitalize, purify and cleanse your skin leaving it looking more toned, radiant and refreshed.  It can even be used to help reduce water retention and minor cellulite.
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A Dead Sea body Mud Blend designed specially for Cellulite Reduction is abundantly rich in vitamins and minerals that are perfect for reducing those unsightly ripples from your skin.  It helps revitalize, purify and cleanse your skin leaving it looking more toned, radiant and refreshed.