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Common Myths About Stretch Marks 

The first step to eliminating stretch marks is to understand what they are and what causes them.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of bad information floating around regarding stretch marks, and as a result, many people suffering from them take the wrong approach towards treatment. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from this common skin condition, keep reading and we'll reveal some common myths about stretch marks. 

Contrary to what some people believe, both men and women can develop stretch marks. While they are more common in women with about 90% of the female population developing them at some point in their life, men are still susceptible to them as well. 

Typically, men develop stretch marks during spurts of fast growth. Men who frequently visit the gym to lift weights are also more likely to suffer from stretch marks since the skin is not able to keep up with the muscle growth. 

Another common myth surrounding stretch marks is that they only occur in older individuals. It's true that people above the age of 40 are more likely to develop them, but there's no minimum age requirement stretch marks. 

In fact, teenagers going through puberty will oftentimes develop them around the thighs, stomach and arms. Don't assume that you're safe from stretch marks just because you're still “under the hill.” Stretch marks can appear anywhere on your body at any given time. 

No one likes to think about having them develop on visible areas like your neck, arms and legs, but it does happen. Instead of living with this skin condition, you should take the necessary action to treat them. 

Thanks to the advancements in modern medicine, there are a number of different ways to effectively treat stretch marks. The internal liquid from the aloe vera plant, known as Aloe Barbadensis Juice, is an all-natural compound that's helpful in treating the stretch marks. 

It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties when used topically. Of course Aloe Barbadensis Juice is also a great moisturizing agent as it works to increase the skin's elasticity, allowing it to grow properly without resulting in stretch marks. 

You can apply products containing this juice directly to the problematic areas on your skin where stretch marks have developed as a natural form of treatment. 

Rosa Damascena Distillate comes from a breathtakingly beautiful rose hybrid flower and may help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. As you may already know, stretch marks are caused when the skin, or dermis, tears as a result of fast growth. 

When the body grows slowly over time, the skin can usually keep up without causing any tearing. On the other hand, periods of fast growth places extra stress on the skin which may result in tearing. 

Rosa Damascena Distillate works as a natural remedy to treat these tears, slowly healing them and reducing their appearance. Hopefully this will help you separate the facts from the fiction regarding stretch marks. 

No one is completely safe from this common skin condition, so you need to know educate yourself on what causes it and how to treat it. Only then can you rest assured knowing that you can deal with stretch marks in a safe and all-natural way.