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Do Cellulite Creams Work Or Not?

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By Silvia Buchour

Do cellulite creams work? This question is being asked by women everywhere. Cellulite is caused when fatty tissues affect the outer skin layer and distort it. Under normal circumstances, your skin tissues do not allow this to happen. When it does, you may wonder if there are any products that can help. The following is a discussion of this common skin condition and why you might want to try special creams.

You have three skin layers and the outermost layer of skin is known as the epidermis. Underneath the epidermis is the dermis with its strong connective tissues. The dermis covers the subcutaneous layer that contains fatty tissues. When the dermis is healthy it keeps fatty tissue of the subcutaneous layer from affecting it.

The dermis is flexible and strong because of connective tissue known as collagen and elastin. You can find these tissues in many other parts of the body. Thanks to connective tissues, skin stays smooth and firm. When the dermis loses flexibility, skin can dimple and distort, especially in the buttocks and thigh regions of the female body.

Cellulite is not directly caused by obesity, even though this is a widely held belief. Thin people are not immune to the problem. It is caused when the connective tissue is no longer strong enough to keep fatty tissue from bulging outward. All people fat and thin have subcutaneous fat, so it is possible for anyone to have this skin condition. When connective tissue begins to break down in the skin, it can be from one of several things. If you are female your chances are much higher than males for this skin problem. A man's skin is thicker by nature and when connective tissue weakens, it still may be strong enough to prevent the skin from dimpling. Thinner female skin will have a much harder time keeping subcutaneous fatty tissue from bulging. Another problem with female skin may be due to hormones. As females age, this can affect skin flexibility.

Many people believe that problems with skin dimples are a direct result of being overweight. However, the real cause is breaking down of skin connective tissue and bulging fatty tissue. This problem can happen in people that are not overweight. This is because they have a layer of fatty tissue just like obese individuals. However, obesity can greatly contribute to this condition.

Although no miracle cure for cellulite exists, it can be helped with special products. These products have many of the ingredients that you find in some of the high quality anti aging skincare lotions. Look for things like collagen and retinol as they can help the skin regain flexibility and suppleness. DMAE and caffeine can make skin firmer and less likely to show skin dimpling. When flexibility increases, it can make skin look and feel younger.

How do cellulite creams work? They improve your skin's ability to contain fatty tissue. This can make skin problems like cellulite much less noticeable. These products are safe to use and there is no reason why someone should not consider them.

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