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How To Dramatically Reduce The Appearance of Spider Veins

It's estimated that roughly 1 in 2 adults will suffer from spider veins before reaching the age of 50, with women having a slightly higher risk than men. 

While they typically don't cause any serious health problems, they can and will affect the way you feel about yourself. Having these unsightly blue and purple veins popping up throughout your body will naturally lower one's self-esteem, causing you to think more carefully about what they wear. 

Thankfully, however, there are now scientifically-proven methods for reducing or even eliminating spider veins. The fact is that no one should be forced to cover themselves simply because of superficial spider veins. 

Whether you're wearing a bathing suit or just a pair shorts for the warm summer weather, you shouldn't have to worry about covering up spider veins.

 If this sounds like an all-too-familiar situation, you'll be happy to know that recent studies have identified several compounds and ingredients that work to combat spider veins without the need for painful surgery.

Vitamin K is one such ingredient that's known to have a profound impact on spider veins as well as many other common skin problems. 

This fat-soluble vitamin is most known for its ability to promote blood clotting, but it's also been known to reduce the color of problematic veins, making it a beneficial ingredient in the treatment of spider veins. 

Just a small portion of vitamin K applied directly to the skin will naturally reduce the appearance of such veins. A lesser-known ingredient that's helpful in treating spider veins is emu oil. 

This traditional Australian medicine has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions for hundreds of years, including cough, congestion, fever, pain, joint problems and bruising. So what exactly is emu oil? As the name suggests, it's a compound extracted from the fat of an emu. 

That may turn away some people from using it, but the truth is that animal fat is found in a number of skin and healthcare products simply because of its beneficial properties, so don't cross it off your list until you try it.

It should come as no surprise that aloe vera is a powerful ingredient that's shown to help treat spider veins. The clear gel found inside the aloe vera plant contains vitamin E, acids, enzymes and a variety of minerals that work to moisturize and improve skin health. 

Those suffering from spider veins can benefit from using either pure aloe vera or a cream containing it as a natural ingredient. 

Once it's applied, it will help reduce the inflammation associated with spider veins; therefore, gradually reducing spider vein appearance over time. These are just a few ingredients and compounds proven to help treat spider veins. 

Before you go spending thousands of dollars for painful laser treatment that may or may not work, you should first try using these ingredients on your spider veins. Applying them just once a day is sure to offer a noticeable improvement in this common skin condition. 

Just remember to stay consistent and continue applying it if you want to see results.