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How to Look Younger 

by Silvia Buchour

Who doesn’t want to look years younger than their real age? A lot of people are constantly looking for how to look younger, and it’s only but natural to do so. Wrinkles and fine lines are quite unsightly to say the least, and they add more years to your face than they should. 

One of the ways you can look younger is to get a great haircut. Side swept bangs, and a haircut that’s just between your chin and shoulders should take years off your face. You’ll also find the shorter haircut a lot easier to manage, a whole lot quicker to dry, and does not involve too much work when styling compared with really long hair.

 Another way you can look younger is to use an anti aging night cream. We all know that the time when we sleep is the time when our bodies repair itself, and using an anti aging night cream during this time will help in making the repair process a lot faster and more effective. These creams are especially designed to repair the skin during night as we sleep, and helps make the skin softer and smoother during the day.

Another way how to look younger is to make sure you get enough sleep every day. This is probably one of the look younger tips that is often neglected and ignored. When you lack sleep, you end up having puffy eyes and sagging skin. Getting enough sleep also ensures that your skin and the rest of your body has enough time to heal and repair itself. 

If you want to look younger, you’ll need to avoid matte lipsticks. This type of lipstick seeps through the lines on your lips, emphasizing them in the process. You’ll want to go with glossy or cream-based lipsticks which do not settle in between the lines on your lips. A good lipstick color that matches your skin tone and the rest of your makeup should also be used.

 You can also make yourself look younger by defining your eyes. Making your eyes “pop” by using eyeliner, curling your eyelashes and applying mascara can make your eyes look bigger and brighter, instantly taking a few years off your face. By defining your eyes and making this feature stand out from the rest of your face, you take away attention from your wrinkles and fine lines.

Using creamy blushes and eye shadow is also another way to look younger. These cream-based make up products will not settle between the fine lines on your skin, causing you to look older. They will just sit on your skin without going into the lines, thus giving you a more polished look without making you look older. 

Last but not the least, probably the best way to look younger is to live a healthy lifestyle. You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and get enough exercise. Keep in mind that you are what you eat, and everything you eat reflects on your skin and body. So eat healthy, exercise, and get enough rest and you should look youthful even as you age.