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Natural Remedies For Foot Pain

Whether you stand up or sit down at a desk all day, chances are you will experience foot pain at some point in your life. It may only result in minor tenderness and swelling, or it can be so painful that it feels like pins and needles are running through your feet. As you can expect, pain such as this can greatly affect your life, keeping you propped up on the couch instead of going out. Thankfully, however, there are natural remedies available that are proven to help treat food pain.

The first step in treating foot pain is to understand what causes it. If you look at the structure of the foot, you might be surprised at the number of bones it contains. In total, there are exactly two dozen bones that make up the structure of the foot, and pain is oftentimes caused when one of these bones slide out of their normal position. You have to remember that we place a great deal of pressure on our feet, and too much of this pressure can force the bones to move around.

Of course there are also muscles and tendons located in the feet that may also be the source of pain.  While muscles and tendons have a bit more “give” than bones, pulling them can result in excruciating pain. According to some estimates, there are around 18-20 muscles and 38-40 tendons in the foot, so you can see how easy it would be to pull one. The good news is that a pulled muscle probably won't incapacitate you, but it will certainly cause pain.

If you are experiencing foot swelling, tenderness, redness or general pain, you'll want to avoid walking or standing for long periods of time. Depending on the specific cause of your pain, being on your feet might only make things worse. The more you are able to prop your feet up, the quicker you'll recover.  This doesn't mean you have to necessarily stay indoors all day, but you should limit the amount of walking you are doing until you recover.

Another step in the recovery process involves a therapeutic foot soak designed to absorb deep into your feet and revive and revitalize. Allowing your feet to soak in a peppermint scrub will help remove the toxins, open up the pores and flush out any impurities that have built up. Just having your feet soaking in a warm solution containing these ingredients will offer some temporary relief. Once you are finished using a foot scrub, you can then apply a cream directly to the problematic area.

There are a number of foot soak creams available, but the one offered at Spa Sentiments contains a powerful blend of vitamins, exotic butters and mint oils. These ingredients are proven to offer relief to a number of foot problems, including general pain and discomfort. Give the cream and scrub a try if you are experiencing foot pain and chances are you'll see a difference in a matter of days.