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Stretch Renew Stretch Mark Cream and Serum


Customer Testimonials

Stretch Renew has numerous benefits and can be applied anywhere stretch marks may be a problem -- abdomen, chest area, arms, back, hips, thighs etc.. It is guaranteed to work for you.

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Real Customers, Real Success
Did you know it's illegal to use false testimonials? Here are just a few of the testimonials from real satisfied users of our Stretch Mark Treatment Cream and Serum.

I am 23 years old and very self-conscience about my body. Since the age of 9, I have suffered the humiliation of stretch marks. I used to cover up my body and wouldn't be caught dead in a bathing suit or even in shorts. By the age of 19 I had reached my highest weight of 185 pounds (I am 5'6). I finally took action and have reached my goal of 143 pounds but the stretch marks still remained and played a big part in my self-esteem.

I have been using your stretch renew cream for 6 weeks. I can't believe the width and length has decreased so much. I believe in this product and plan on buying it for my fiance so he can use it. Thank you so much for creating a product that has given me back my life. I wore shorts for the first time in 12 years. If I can benefit from this cream I am sure that everyone else can. You state that stretch renew is not a miracle cream but in my eyes it is. THANKS! 
April M. - El Paso, TX

I have been using the stretch renew stretch mark cream for about 2 months and can tell my 22 year old stretch marks are starting to fade and soften. It doesn't irritate the skin and really spreads on evenly. I think it helps to put it on if you are a little damp (right out of shower). Also, it helps if you exfoliate - I use your seaweed soap (triplesea brand) with a body pouf and I believe it helps the product work quicker. Thanks for a great product. 
Stephanie C. - Lawrenceville, GA

I have used so many products in the past for pregnancy stretch marks (herbal peels, supplements, beta and alpha hydroxy acids, copper peptides, silicone sheeting, creams with snail extract, etc) with miniscule or no results after diligent use. As for your product, I was excited by the stretch renew testimonials and still skeptical. I purchased your product anyway because if it failed I would get my money back and if it worked you would have a customer for life.

Presently, I have one week left of my second jar of stretch renew (each jar lasted me approximately five weeks and I use it on my abdomen, hips, thighs, and on hyper pigmented scrapes/bruises/insect bites).

My stretch marks currently are thirteen years old (but not for long), deep, and a few are raised. Stretch renew is smoothing them out to the point where you can barely feel them. With using the cream my "scarred" skin is so much smoother and softer than my "stretch mark free" skin. The marks on my abdomen are fading from the center out and appear to be thinner and shorter that I habitually ask my husband for a second opinion to see if I'm not hallucinating. At first he would humor me but now he eagerly seeks out how the process is unfolding. As for the darker stretch marks on my hips, the color hasn't faded yet but the skin is smoother. The lighter stretch marks on my hips are smoother also. Over all, my marks are becoming dull in shine and blending in more with the surrounding skin.

For my hyper pigmented scrapes/bruises/insect bites, stretch renew has faded these discolorations from at least sixty to ninety-five percent. This cream is blowing my mind, some of these marks are at least 25 years old (I'm 33) and stretch renew is not a bleaching cream. The process of seeing my body becoming stretch mark/blemish free has boosted my self esteem in regard to my body.

My girlfriends snickered at my stretch mark removal escapades, spent money, and frustration. However, I stayed determined with my husband's support. He always reminded me that I had tried and researched so many products that I was bound to find one that worked. He was right! I found it!

I understand that my marks are old, therefore (to be on the safe side), I plan to work on my various marks for a solid year and keep stretch renew as a staple in my home for future blemishes/bumps/bruises for the whole family. Oh, I forgot to mention that stretch renew has replaced my facial moisturizer and my complexion is clearer. Thanks to you I will be able to wear sexy swimwear again. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
P. Chapman - Waldorf, MD

Thank you so much for your reply. You guys are awesome! I have been using your stretch renew cream and liking the results. My husband has even said that he can't even tell that I had stretch marks. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I love this stuff! Your products are truly amazing. I have had in the past the most unsightly stretch marks ever. I would tell people I have railroad tracks across my stomach. Some were dark purple in color.

I was very embarrassed by them. After using your product for a few months I couldn't believe the difference. In fact, I went to my doctor for a physical and asked a few questions about maybe getting a tummy tuck. She said that it would help some of my loose skin, but because I didn't have any stretch marks she didn't think it was necessary. I couldn't believe she said "I didn't have any stretch marks". She didn't notice them. That is because they have faded unbelievably! Thank you again for a wonderful product. I will continue to use your product faithfully! Thanks again! 
Linda C. - Rochester, New York

All I have to say is that this stuff is AMAZING!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!  I would have never believed that anything could've improved my stretch marks so much in so little time. I got my first stretch marks when I was 15-years-old after my growth spurt. I had them all over my hips, thighs, calves, and breasts. They made me really self-conscious, and I didn't want wear shorts, skirts, bikinis, or low-rise jeans. I would always look in the mirror and fret over my stretch marks, and I hoped for ways to get rid of them.

I tried cocoa butter for a very long time about 2 years with no results, except soft skin. I'm 20 now, I had just about given up and started to accept the  permanency of my scars. But one night I just happen to google "stretch mark removal" just because, and I just happen to run over your web site (serendipity!). I thought it was just another bogus stunt, but then I started to read the testimonials and I was a little more convinced. But what really got me was the 120-day money back guarantee! I thought that this company must have A LOT of confidence in this stretch mark cream to offer such a long guarantee, even if I used it all.  It was the BEST guarantee I have ever seen for such a product.

I decided what did I have to lose and I ordered a jar. I've been using the cream for about a month and a half now, and I have DEFINITELY seen improvement in my marks, especially the ones on my hips which were deep and dark.  They have become lighter (closer to my skin color) and smoother. The ones on my thighs have become thinner and more skin-toned also. SO QUICK!!! Everyday, I look at the treated area of my skin and I could hardly believe that my 5-year old scars are being repaired so quickly!!! All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH to the geniuses who invented this amazing stretch renew cream that actually does what it says it does!!! I will definitely be a returning costumer!!!!
K. Bent - Ithaca, NY

From the age of 12, I started getting stretch marks.  I have dark skin so my stretchmarks are more visible.  I went to the dermatologist around 18 (by that time they were white already) and he told me that lasik wouldn't work on my skin. I wanted to die.  I felt hopeless. I'm almost 22 now. I decided to search the web and see if there was anything that would help stretchmarks and came across stretch renew.  I was a bit skeptical because I have used quite a few expensive products and had gotten no results. 

I then decided to read the testimonials and saw a woman who said her stretch marks were about 30 years old and she was seeing results after using your cream.  I decided to give it a shot.  I've been using your stretch renew stretch mark cream for three months and I can't believe it. THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS! The ones on my thighs and calves are a lot less visible.  I've used it on those areas first to see if it would actually work like the instructions suggested.  Even my mom noticed the difference.  I started seeing a difference in the texture in my skin in only two weeks. My stretch marks are not fully gone, but I think with continued use, I'll have enough confidence to wear shorts, who knows maybe even a 2 piece bathing suit next summer. I CAN'T WAIT! 
Diane W. - Miramar, FL

Having stretch marks that were old, deep and long, I was skeptical to say the least.  I had 2 children 15 months apart (now 13 & 14 years old) and one more 9 years later (now 3 1/2).  I had a few stretch marks that developed in the final 3 weeks of my first pregnancy but they stayed relatively small and contained within the bikini line.  Due to the immediate pregnancy with my 2nd, there was no time for the muscles to recover between pregnancies so after carrying very low and all out front, those small stretch marks became much deeper and longer and were now pretty noticeable despite trying virtually every cream, oil, lotion, etc., before, during and after pregnancy. 

After about 6 years, those stretch marks were somewhat less noticeable but I became pregnant again 9 years later and my skin had changed considerably by that time.  I had lost a lot of the elasticity and all of those previous stretch marks doubled in width, depth and length.  I could no longer overlook the obvious scarring.  Because I'm petite and being very active in water sports, I spend a lot of time in bikinis. 

I have recommended the stretch renew cream to several of my girlfriends that have stretch marks from growth spurts, pregnancy, excessive weight gain, etc.  They were so impressed with my results having seen the before and after that they are all purchasing your stretch mark cream to try for themselves as well as recommending it to their friends and family.  I'll continue using your stretch mark cream until I stop seeing any more improvements but so far, so good.  It can only get better!  Thanks for providing an alternative to expensive and unpredictable surgery. 
Hillary M. - Eureka, CA

I was really skeptical about your cream at first.  I thought that I would be stuck with stretch marks for the rest of my life, but I have been using your stretch mark cream for about 30 days now and I am already seeing results.  I believe that with continued use, your Stretch Renew Cream will get rid of these ugly marks. Thanks for a great product.
Christopher A. - Elizabethtown, KY

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