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Minimizing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

By Lorin Tellan

It is common to notice unsightly stretch marks during pregnancy. However, some women have more trouble than others. While you are pregnant, there are some things that you can do to help improve your skin's ability to stretch and thereby help minimize possible marks. Here are some helpful tips to consider. 

Stretch marks may not be miraculously cured, but with the right cream you could achieve remarkable improvement in both the appearance and texture of the affected skin. First, make sure your skin stays moisturized and well nourished with essential nutrients critical for optimum performance. This step helps with elasticity which is greatly needed during the stretching process your skin goes through as your baby grows. Look for quality moisturizing creams that contain ingredients that are recognized as safe and effective. They should not have harsh chemicals, either. This also helps to avoid skin irritations. 

While you are pregnant, try to keep from gaining an unhealthy amount of weight for your body build as this could effect your skin negatively. There is no need to restrict calories as this can have an impact on your baby's nutrition. Make sure you eat a variety of healthy foods and take in a lot of calcium. It is also important to drink a great deal of water. Water helps your skin stay soft and supple. Remember to get regular exercise, as this can be very good for your skin. 

Now is the time to use a good cream like Stretch Renew. Quality skin care creams are effective for eliminating problems associated with skin stretching. However, these same properties also work very well for preventing this problem. The better creams have superior penetration and moisturizing properties and this comes from ingredients like emu oil. 

Use quality skin products twice daily. Make sure that you clean the skin well before applying. The best time to apply lotion is in the morning and again in the evening. When you use a quality product, it is very concentrated. You will not have to use a great deal of cream to get good results. You may find creams and lotions that are cheaper, but they may contain harsh chemicals or unnecessary fillers. 

 Quality stretch mark creams may be more expensive than others. This is because they have a high concentration of ingredients such as emu oil, vitamins A and E, grape seed extract, and other important ingredients. You will not find these things in the cheaper lotions and creams. 

 While you are pregnant, your emotions may vary from one extreme to another. This can sometimes create a great deal of stress. Stress is bad for the skin, so get with your doctor for effective ways to help lower your stress level. Try relaxing in a luke warm bath if permissible to help deal with stress. Just remember, don't use hot water which can dry out your skin and counteract the desirable results of the stretch mark cream.

If you are pregnant, there may be no way to avoid stretch marks. However, now is the time to do something about them. Eat a well balanced diet and try to avoid excessive weight gain. Drink as much water as possible every day to keep the skin properly hydrated. Use a quality skin care product such as Stretch Renew twice daily to help with stretch marks during pregnancy.