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Types of Eczema Treatments

By Silvia Buchour

Eczema is term used for different types of skin inflammation which can affect anyone but is usually common with young children and even infants. These usually appear in the form of skin rashes and can be quite itchy and uncomfortable. Irritants and other environmental triggers can cause an outbreak of eczema, like certain soaps, lotions, perfumes, and certain chemicals found in the products being used. Other causes include but are not limited to food allergies, changes in the weather and humidity, and even stress.

There are Different Eczema Treatments

Some of the eczema treatments available include a change in lifestyle, medication, or a combination of both. With the different eczema treatments available, doctors want to prevent further worsening of the affected area as well as reducing the itching and inflammation. All treatments are based on the patientís age, the type and severity of the condition, and their general health status.

One of the Eczema Treatments and Prevention is to Not Over-Bathe

Doing so strips the skin of the moisture it needs, so it is recommended to keep the skin hydrated at all times. Using an eczema cream or eczema ointment which has a low water and high oil content are recommended as a form of eczema treatments. These oils seal in the moisture in the skin to prevent further moisture loss and keep the skin hydrated. Bathing in lukewarm water and then applying these creams and ointments is also recommended, so that the skin has time to absorb the creams and seal in moisture while the skin is wet.
Certain changes in oneís lifestyle are also one of the eczema treatments people can use to prevent further inflammation in affected areas. Completely avoiding a certain product that causes the skin to become inflamed is a must. This also goes for eating foods which cause allergies.
Parents whose kids have eczema should always check to make sure that their childís fingernails are cut short, so that they cannot scratch the affected area which can cause further irritation and swelling.

Dead Sea Salt is One of the Popular Eczema Treatments

The use of dead sea salt on skin has shown to be effective in restoring beauty to damaged skin, and helps exfoliate dry skin. Sea salts are rich with minerals that help relieve the skin from itchiness, reduce inflammation, and keep the skin hydrated.
Unrefined and high quality sea salt is best for eczema treatments, as it contains the most amounts of minerals. Adding 1-2 cups of dead sea salt to a warm bath and soaking in it helps reduce the symptoms, and there is no need to use soap afterwards. A couple drops of lavender essential oil can also be added to the bath.
The doctor will be able to assess how severe or mild the eczema is, and can advise of the proper eczema treatments and medications to reduce symptoms. Doctors will be able to recommend certain eczema cream or medicines appropriate for the condition, while some of the home remedies mentioned above can also be used with the advice of a doctor.