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Uses For Vitamin K Skincare Cream

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin found in a variety of vegetables such as broccoli, scallions, brussels sprouts, asparagus, cucumber and a variety of leafy greens. According to health experts, the average adult should consume around 100-120 mcg of Vitamin K daily, but unfortunately most people fall well short of this number. You can, however, reap the benefits of Vitamin K by applying it directly to your skin in the form of a cream.

Vitamin K skincare cream has become increasingly popular in recent years. The truth is that studies on this vitamin have been limited up until now. As more studies and tests continue to be done, though, we can see first-hand just how beneficial this vitamin is. One of the primary benefits associated with Vitamin K is its blood-clotting abilities. When we suffer cuts or scrapes, our body's natural defense mechanism is to clot the blood at the source of the wound to prevent further bleeding. Vitamin K encourages the healthy function of blood clotting.

There are many different prescription medications available that come with the unwanted side effect of thinning the blood. Millions of people worldwide rely on such medications to lower their blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels, control hormones and much more. Using a Vitamin K skincare cream in conjunction with these medications could essential reverse the unwanted side effect of blood thinning by promoting healthy clotting functions.

Studies have shown that Vitamin K skincare cream offers anti-inflammatory properties, which is similar to how ibuprofen works. If a part of your body is suffering from swelling or tenderness, try applying a Vitamin K cream directly to the affected area. The rich nutrients inside the cream should work to reduce swelling without thinning your blood.

When used as in the form of a skincare cream or lotion, Vitamin K also works to improve discolorations and visible abnormalities. While it's not some miracle product that's going to change your skin overnight, continued use and proper application will encourage healthier, more attractive skin, and that's something we can all benefit from. There's also some belief that Vitamin K skincare cream acts as a protective barrier for the skin, keeping it safe from bruising, lacerations, sunburn and other forms of damage.

If you want to reap the benefits of Vitamin K skincare cream, it's recommended that you apply it throughout your body at least once a day. This will keep your skin exposed to a fresh supply of Vitamin K so it can continuously absorb it into your body. Ideally, you should apply it after you get out of the shower and have already dried off. Some Vitamin K skincare creams may have water-resistance properties, but you'll likely still loose some of the product in the shower.

Also, try to consume more Vitamin K-rich leafy greens in your diet. In today's age, most of us opt for the more convenient meals offered by fast food restaurants. They are faster, easier and let's face it, they taste good too. What most people don't realize is that fast food offers little-to-nutritional value, so your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Get your body back on track with leafy green vegetables loaded with Vitamin K and other beneficial compounds.