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Cellulite Testimonials Continued:

I have been using Curves and Contours cellulite cream for a little over a month and I am very happy with the results. I began to see results within just a few weeks. Thank you.
Pamela C. - Orion, MI

I have been using the Curves and Contours cellulite cream for about 6 weeks and I saw a big improvement. I bought two bottles but I still have one that I'm going to start using next week. I was very concerned about my body. I am a very thin girl and I do yoga, but still I had cellulite. I really thank you for this great product. It has changed my life completely and in a couple of weeks I'm sure I will re-order. Thanks again.
Maryluz G. - Jersey City, NJ

Previously, I was using a different Cellulite product for about 8 months, but finally realized that it was not working. By this, I did some research and discovered that the most effective cellulite products were those that are "Time Released". When I typed in the words time released cellulite products, the first website that came up was yours. Since then, I have been using both the Triple Action Seaweed Soap and Curves and Contours Cellulite Toning Lotion for about 5-6 weeks now and have had excellent results so far. I can definitely say that these two products have now become daily necessities for me.
Cindy L. - Worcester, MA

I have been using curves and contours cellulite cream for 40 days and I have already begun to see results. I am really glad I have found a product that actually does what it claims to. I have continued my exercise regimen that I was doing before I started using this lotion, but I can certainly tell a difference in the tone of my legs and rear now in comparison to before I started using the lotion. Thanks for a great product!
Brandy F. - Nicholson, GA

I am a rather slim woman and I have some stubborn cellulite areas on the back of my thighs. I was skeptical at first when I placed my first order. I used the cellulite cream as directed and I was so happy to see great results in 3 weeks! I'm glad to have found this product.
Melodee U. - Cascade, WI

I am a new customer. I ordered the curves and contours cellulite cream almost 3 weeks ago. This product is amazing. I have noticed a tremendous change which makes me feel great. I love it. I also love the seaweed soap. You have got to try it -it worked. Thanks!
Katrin K. - Sunnyvale, CA

I Love this product!! I am always the skeptic, but I saw immediate results! After one week I have remarkable results! It works FAST! Thank you & I'll definitely keep the orders coming!! It's awesome!!
Stephanie V. - Roseburg, OR

I have only been using your curves and contours cream for two months and have noticed a big difference already! There are a lot less dimples on my thighs and buttocks. Thank you!!!
Sharon T. - Plymouth, WI

I purchased your Curves and Contours Cellulite Lotion back at the end of May and it is wonderful. I purchased it specifically for my buttocks because I had rather upsetting dimples on my rear. Well, I used your product and in only 2 weeks I noticed a wonderful difference as did my husband! After two months of use, I now have a bottom that I don't have to be ashamed to put in a swimsuit, THANK YOU!
Patrice J. - Columbus, OH 

I have been using your cellulite cream for a little over five months and I love how smooth and soft my skin feels. I can see how toned my skin looks. I had very deep dimples (a lot of them) I now only have two and they are not so deep. I recently went on a cruise and had a consult (before I started using this product.) I was told it would cost over one thousand dollars for some expensive treatment that would last for five weeks to get rid of my deep cellulite. This has been much more affordable. Thank you.
Christina H. - Pell Lake, WI

I used Curves and Contours this last year (two different times, a month each time) and was amazed at the results I saw in such a short period of time. I have never been overweight but since my junior year in high school I began to notice the cellulite on my butt and thighs. Not only did it almost disappear, but I was able to fit into my size 1 pants that I wore as a freshman. My thighs literally shrank.

Gullible to sales ads I decided to try an anti-cellulite product through another company assuming it would be just as good as your product and I could save a little money, but it didn't even compare. Not only did I have the cellulite come back, it's been 9 months since I've used your product and I can't fit into hardly any of my clothes anymore. I am excited to start using your cream again, I CANT WAIT!!!!!!
Lindsey W. - Dexter, OR

I have been using curves & contours cellulite cream for about 4-6 months on my neck. It has actually reduced the size of my turkey neck. It has always been something I am self conscious about. There are some products you can only use on your thighs and tummy, but this product you can use on your neck, chin etc. and it doesn't burn. It is a very nice quality moisturizing lotion that smells very very good. I am happy I can order it anonymously online as well, which means I don't have to embarrass myself going into a department store and asking for "fat cream" hee hee. Thank you for being here with a good product!!
Andrea J. - Seattle, WA

I have been using the Curves & Contours Cellulite Cream since April and can see a tremendous reduction in dimples. Several months ago, I switched to a different brand and was not as pleased with it's results. Swimsuit season is approaching and I am now placing my second order. In addition to the Cellulite Lotion, I will be trying the Seaweed Exfoliating Soap. I expect the results will be even better!
Dina C. - Marietta, GA

When I purchased the cellulite cream, I was nothing short of highly impressed. At the time I purchased the cream, I lost about 30 pounds in 1 and 1/2 months and I was not comfortable with showing my thighs, despite the weight loss. I was uncomfortable with all the dimples appearing in my thighs. I purchased 2 bottles and within a month, I saw a dramatic improvement. Even though the cellulite was not completely gone, enough was gone to allow me to be confident in wearing my 2 piece swimsuit.

I used the cream on my hips and waist as well. The cream helped to improve my skin's elasticity especially after having my daughter in Dec., 2001---the reason for my weight loss. Today, I'm back after telling a friend. I finally found some literature from when I placed my order to recall the website to order. My order today is for me and my friend who was desperate about her cellulite situation. I told my friend curves and contours was well worth the try. I also ordered the spider vein and scar cream in 2002. I can honestly say that I do believe they would have made a significant difference if I would have used them as directed. I know I didn't use them as often as directed and I stopped for some reason not due to the product's fault. I appreciate your time and help and I know my girlfriend will soon send in her own success story because I'm a believer.
Dawn C. - Owings Mills, MD

Hi there, I'm getting married in 5 months and have tried for the past year to get rid of the cellulite on my legs. I exercised daily, lost 10 lbs, drank enormous amounts of water, used numerous lotions and nothing worked. As a last ditch effort to have smooth legs on my honeymoon, I bought the curves and contours cellulite cream. I was very skeptical at first, but I have to admit that I'm starting to see an improvement in the appearance of my legs. For the first time in years, I feel comfortable in a bathing suit -just in time for summer too! I've recommended this product to my sister and friends. I'm hoping continued use will give me even greater results. For any other brides out there hoping to shape up for the big event -give it a try! Thanks!
Jada L. - Melrose, MA

WOW does this cream show results! When I first bought the cellulite cream I honestly did not expect it to work. After reading many articles on cellulite it seemed apparent to me that any sort of cream would not do the trick. The only reason I considered using curves and contours cellulite cream is because of all the testimonials on the website. I received the cellulite cream and started using it as directed. The first week I kept thinking "this is a waste of money, why did I buy this?", but I kept on applying it. Around the middle of the second week I noticed that the rock hard cellulite lump that was on my thigh was gone. I couldn't believe it, I am still in shock. So I'm back on the site today to purchase my 2nd bottle.
Alana S. - Cerritos CA

I wanted to tone and tighten my tush and thighs. Your cellulite cream works great at softening and tightening with consistent use. I've been using it for over a month now and see a great difference.
Ginger M. - San Diego, CA

I love it! I see a big difference. IT IS GREAT! I work with herbs so I know that the formula is a good one too. I also have my Mother using it now and I'm telling my clients about it (I have my own company). Keep up the good work. THANK YOU from a satisfied customer!
D. Gibson -- Troy, Ohio

I would like to enter the contest. I would like to win the stretch mark cream. I have tried and just reordered the curves and contours cellulite cream and love it! Thank you,
Kim - Minnesota

I have been using your Curves and Contours Cellulite Cream on my legs and stomach. We are going on a vacation shortly and my husband is very proud of how I am working to get in shape for the beach & pool area. The smoothness of my skin is very noticeable and my husband asked me to make sure I order more of your product so I don't run out. I will be placing another order for sure. Thanks.
Peggy G. - Edina, MN

My name is Emily. It all began in a dressing room trying on a bathing suit 3 months prior to "the season". There they were, the backs of my thighs, staring back at me in the glaring light of the 3-way mirror.

I wondered how my husband must have put up with the personal embarrassment of being with me on the beach. Actually, fortunately, he is kind and loving enough to see my inner beauty "skin deep"!

But, for myself, I wanted smooth cellulite-free thighs. I may only carry 5 extra pounds, but wanted to be that much closer to a Victoria's Secret model!!

I searched the internet for creams and "magic potions" as the media implies, "nothing really works". I found many products that seemed to promise too much -- too quick, then I found one that appealed to me. (Curves and Contours). The price seemed sensible enough to gamble on a try.

I followed the directions, (after efficiently receiving my order by UPS), and rubbed a small amount of cream onto the back thigh areas, spending 60 seconds of massaging it in after a hot shower. Easy! I also applied some at night before bed. 3 days a week I exercised in the morning, feeling like the cream would be enhanced by working into my system while my metabolism is up. My bottle lasted exactly as long as indicated for the volume; 30 days. I purchased the new enhanced formula which works its way in all day on a time-released basis.

The visible results began to show in about 2 1/2- 3 weeks. First a little, then a lot. I'm impressed! I liked the fact that body-builders use the product. I do not work for the company as an info~mercial person. I'm just a satisfied customer who can happily convey that my cellulite has really smoothed out! I'm real happy with your product & your company's service!
Emily G. - East Coast, USA

I have been using your curves and contours cellulite cream and it works outstanding!!!! I have seen the difference faster than with another brand I had been using. thanks
Chris C. - USA

I am giving a testimonial on the cellulite lotion. I started using it a while back and I saw results in just a few weeks. My skin was smoother and the ugly lumps were diminished. Then I was all out of the lotion and I decided to try another product out on the market, actually quite a few other products. I did not see much results from these products at all. If I don't see results in a few weeks I will not use the product again.

So I got on the internet and found your site again and re-ordered and I am using your product again because I know it works. A lot of the products out there have a weird odor to them, but yours smells fresh so my husband doesn't even know I am using a lotion to diminish my cellulite. Again, I will always use your product, because I know it works!
K. Eilers - MN

I just wanted to let you know that I tried the cream at a friends house and realized after the first use softness on my thighs and buttocks. I used it again and again and finally she just bought me a bottle of my own. I have been very pleased with this product and have seen improvement. Thanks
Lauren - USA

A friend of mine let me try the Curves and Contours cream for my unfortunate cellulite on my thighs. I tried it for approx. 30 days and it did help me. Not only the appearance, but it made me feel better about myself. I am now purchasing some Curves and Contours for myself and will keep on going to see the appearance of my cellulite hopefully disappear. With eating healthy and my work outs, along with Curves and Contours I should be in shape by Summer. Thanks!
Liz H. - Olney, MD

Ever since I have used curves and contours cellulite lotion I feel better about my body, my thighs look much toner and tighter. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product.
Tiarra G. - Lake Havasu, AZ

This lotion is wonderful, I have never seen anything like it! I recommend it to everyone wanting to get rid of cellulite! I have only been using it for 30 days and I have seen a remarkable difference!
Lia B. - Brighton, TN

I began using the curves and contours cellulite cream a few months back, and when it came time to order a second bottle, there was a slight mix up in the order (not your company's fault but you took care of it anyway), therefore delaying the shipment by a few weeks. In the few short weeks that I stopped using the lotion, I noticed that my legs weren't as soft and smooth as they had been when I was using the curves and contours lotion. When I finally received the second bottle and began using it, the result were immediate. My legs became very smooth and soft, and I can actually say this product worked wonders for me. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to smooth out their legs.
L. Manseau - West Brookfield, MA

I have never believed in cellulite lotions until I started using your product 40 days ago. Even my highly suspicious husband had to agree that my tummy looks flatter. Now my mom wants to be on it too! THANK YOU!
Ying H. - Great Falls, VA

I am 25 years old and I feel that my body is about 60 years of age… Yes, I inherited my mothers’ biggest problem… cellulite. I am so embarrassed to even look at my own body. So I wanted to get rid of this orange peel looking skin. I started using curves and contours cellulite cream for about 2 weeks now… But in these 2 weeks I saw the most unbelievable change. It works. That is all I can say… I saw the biggest difference and that put an unbelievable smile on my face. Honestly Thanks… I told all my friends and family about this.
Nehad H. - Newport Beach, CA

Although I have never really had a weight problem- I have always had a cellulite problem. After 3 weeks of using the Curves and Contours cream, I found that my skin appeared firmer and less "lumpy". I am very pleased with my results!
L. Albertsen - USA

I have been using the curves and contours cellulite cream and seaweed soap for 30 days and much to my delighted surprise I really do see an improvement. It's not gone but there has been a definite and noticeable improvement. If the next 30 days works as well as the first I should be nearly cellulite free next month.
Sherri J. - Dade City, FL