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Dead Sea Mud Mask - Facial Mud (Anti-Aging Blend)
Spa Sentiments Dead Sea Mud Mask - Facial Mud

Spa Sentiments Natural Collection

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Our Price $29.95:
Size: Net WT. 3.75 oz
Naturalness Level: 100% Natural


About This Item
Spa Sentiments Dead Sea Mud Mask - Facial Mud

You've heard about the skin-healing properties of the rich minerals in the Dead Sea. Now Spa Sentiments delivers them right to your home with our Dead Sea Mud Mask made especially for your face.

This intense facial mud mask contains over 21 minerals and trace elements that help deeply cleanse and revitalize your face. But we didn't stop there...

We also added a unique, synergistic infusion of absolutes and essential oils recognized for their anti-aging abilities. Absolutes such as rose and jasmine along with roman and german chamomile, carrot seed essential oil and frankincense essential oil.

A powerful combination of the purest Dead Sea mud, essential oils and absolutes available for an all natural facial mask that screams "luxury spa" each time you use it.

Our Dead Sea Mud Mask also helps exfoliate, draw out impurities, and promote blood circulation to the skin. It will leave your skin looking more toned, refreshed and vibrantů like you just had a vacation on the shores of the Dead Sea!

All Dead Sea mud is not created equal.
Sure all Dead Sea mud comes from the Dead Sea, but some mud is chemically processed or refined which can strip many of the important minerals and qualities right out of the mud.

The Dead Sea black mud we use is 100% natural and 100% pure with absolutely no fillers. Our face mud has been filtered for cosmetic use, but it has not been stripped, refined or depleted of its rich mineral content in any way. You get nothing but mudů rich, glorious face mud packed with an anti-aging infusion of essential oils and absolutes!

Facial Mud Mask Use: Apply an ample layer of the mineral rich, dead sea mud mask to the facial area, avoiding contact with the eyes. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with luke warm water. Use the facial mud once per week for a brighter, fresher, and smoother complexion.

Dead Sea Mud Mask - Facial Mud Ingredients:
100% dead sea mud, sweet almond oil, glycerin, honeyquat, aloe, vitamin E, neroli essential oil, rose absolute, jasmine absolute, geranium essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil, german chamomile essential oil, sweet fennel essential oil, carrot seed essential oil, lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil.

Fresh, Pure and Natural - Paraben Free Products
No parabens, formaldehydes or petrochemicals. To read more, click here.
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